United States is often called as the “Land of Milk and Honey” and it may profoundly sound biblical but that is the reality. Due to abundant jobs in US and opportunities to study in US, it is not wrong to say that indeed US is the land of opportunities.

As per the recent statistics, there is a significant rise in immigrants in US since 2010 with Indian community reaching 2.65 million in total. Like the time, Immigration never stops for any developed nation as there will always be demand for skilled professionals, business professionals and international students. As the US continues their successful stint at providing opportunities for all, lets open some of the interesting population facts.

What does the facts say?

  • According to the data, the total number of foreign-born population in the US clocked at 44.7 million of the total US population of 327 million, that constitutes 13.7%.
  • Upon comparing with 2010, the total number of foreign-born population stood at 40 million, that indicates 11.8% increase.
  • India community in US were at 2.65 million with an increase of 1.5% from the previous year’s figure of 2.61 million.
  • Considering the immigrant population, Indians constitutes 5.9% of the total figure of foreign-born population.
  • Since 2010, there is a substantial increase of Indians in US with around 9 Lakh in total, implying an increase of 49% as of now.

*Foreign born population includes – immigrants who later obtained US citizenship, green card holders, temporary workers (H-1B visa holders) and international students excluding (tourists and business travelers).

What are the opportunities in US?

As mentioned earlier, US is the land of opportunities and one can easily find employment and international studies in US, that can lead to US permanent Resident Visa. For International students, US is the “Holy Grail of international higher education” and the epitome of quality academics.

  • The universities in US are the best in terms of quality education, campus recruitment, best employability on global level, better student support and improved lifestyle.
  • The biggest boon to study in USA is the universities organize big career fairs and exhibitions attended by the top employers in USA to recruit the best students and graduates for the jobs in USA.
  • Studying in USA empowers the students to gain comprehensive knowledge about the US sectors and job market with the help of many integrated research and training exercises.
  • The employment rate in US in 61% considering the excessive population in the nation. The figure is improving constantly with each year due to the demand of skilled professional in certain sectors.
  • Increase in employment rate signify more opportunities for immigrants wishing to build a successful career in the nation.

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