Living Expenses:

  • Projected living cost for the US is around USD 10000 to USD 12000 per year, on an average USD 700 to USD 1000 per month
  • The living cost includes – accommodation costs, travel, room, food, utilities, weather–wise clothing and entertainment expenses as well.


  • Apartment prices could range from USD 500 (one bedroom flat in a rural area), to USD 1,500 (three bedroom flat in the same area).
  • If you are looking for accommodation in a city then you can expect higher prices for smaller floor space.
  • Some of the universities may have the provision of accommodation on campus for you, which could turn out very cheaper.


  • Gas: not every apartments have gas provision in America. The cost depends on how much you cook, still the cost can go from USD 10 to USD 15 a month, rising to USD 50-USD100/month for heating too.

Electricity – Factors to understand that – how energy efficient the apartment is and whether you’re using electricity for heating or not. Cost USD 50 to USD 100 per month.

  • Water, trash, sewer – This utility is often covered by the landlord but if he/she falls to do so then you may pay around USD 50 – USD 75 every quarter


  • Internet – the average cost is climb up to USD 45-USD 50 per month.
  • Mobile phone – may pay roughly USD 50 a month.

Transport –Petrol/gas private vehicle will cost you around USD 3.50 per gallon.

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