The international students aspiring to study in the UK are thrilled since the announcement of the New Graduate Route by the UK Government towards the end of 2019. On July 1st, 2021, the route is now open for eligible candidates to apply for it. Through this new route, the students will be allowed to stay in the UK for two years after their graduation if they possess a relevant degree or qualification from the UK. Ph.D. students are allowed to stay for three years on this new route.

The primary attraction for this new route is that it does not require employer sponsorship. The eligibility criteria are being a graduate from the UK under the Tier-4 visa. The students are allowed to search for employment opportunities and do the job under this route. This route has been re-introduced to boost the STEM field in the UK. The country is looking forward to inviting international talent capable and meritorious to support the country in these domains.

To successfully transition to the new Graduate route after pursuing studies in the UK, the student sponsor (higher education provider with a track record of compliance by the student on the date of application) should notify the Home Officer about completing the program by the student successfully. Only when the immigration authorities have the student’s record provided by the student sponsor can they process the student’s graduate visa.

The eligible qualifications to apply under this route are UK Bachelor’s degree, postgraduate degree, law conversion course, Legal Practice course in England and Wales, foundation program in Medicine and Dentistry, and Post-Graduation Certificate in Education or Post-Graduate Diploma in Education. The student must have studied in UK full-time in a 12-months course and a minimum of 12 months where the course duration is longer than that.

Upon meeting the eligibility and the suitability of the student, they will be granted the visa. In case of a refusal, the student has the provision of applying for an Administrative Review. The dependent partner and children can also stay in the UK along with the primary applicant if they fulfill the eligibility criteria and respective fees have been paid. Through this new Graduate route, the students have strong prospects of migrating to the UK if they find permanent employment in this duration.

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