If you gain education in Singapore, then you will have multiple options to stay in Singapore and secure employment after the expiry of student visa.


  • If you fail to find a suitable job while you were in student visa, then you can apply for a Visit Pass which will empower you to stay in the country for up to 12 months for the job hunt.
  • For the Visit Pass, you need to be a graduate of an accredited Singapore Institute of Higher Learning.
  • You can apply for this pass via the electronic service e-VP online.


  • Once you acquire a suitable job in Singapore, then your employer will nominate you for the valid work permit.
  • The type of work permit will depend on your salary size, and mostly as a fresh graduate you’ll need an ‘S Pass’. Employers in Singapore must prepare the S Pass applications on behalf of a job candidate.
  • The mentioned S Pass is a working visa designed for the mid-level skilled foreign professionals who wish to apply for engineering, electronics, oil, chemical, and other industries related jobs.
  • If you are able to secure a high-paying job, then you might be eligible for the esteemed Employment Pass.
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