Overall pleasant weather condition wherein both the North and South Islands of New Zealand enjoy moderate, maritime climate and temperatures.

  • The country is in the southern hemisphere that means the summer starts in December and winter begins in June.
  • New Zealand receives moderately high rainfall with many hours of sunshine throughout in most of the country.


  • The Auckland region enjoys a warm, coastal climate without any extreme climate. Summers in Auckland are generally warm with high humidity, whereas winters are mild and moist as it experiences severe rainfall in winters.
  • The average temperature in summers is 24°C to 15°C and in winters its 14°C to 9°C.

Queenstown – The average temperature in summers is 22°C to 10°C and in winters it’s 10°C to 1°C.


  • The region has a very mild weather with temperate of marine climate and is famous for being windy.
  • The best time to visit Wellington is during October to April when weather will be pleasant
  • The average temperature in summers is 20°C to 13°C and in winters it’s 12°C to 6°C.


  • The region has maritime temperate, bright and sunny days with climate relatively dry with lesser rainfall than other places in the country.
  • Temperatures in summer are often moderated by cool sea breeze.
  • Snowfall is usually expected in this region once or twice a year.
  • Average temperature in summer season is 22°C to 12°C and in winter season is 12°C to 3°C.
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