It is a fact that New Zealand has established its reputation as one of the most desirable study destinations over the years. Though the country hosts a few Universities, all of them fall under the top 500 Universities of the world. The University of Auckland is ranked number 81 in the QS World University Rankings for 2021 and is the best institute to study in New Zealand.

The country enjoys a significant population of international students at any given point in time; however, there has been a drop in international recruitment during the last year. Undoubtedly, the pandemic is to be blamed. While New Zealand gained popularity for its remarkable feat in the fight against the Coronavirus under the leadership of Ms. Jacinda Ardern, it resulted in stricter border restrictions that discouraged students from pursuing overseas education in New Zealand.

Even before the pandemic, New Zealand’s international enrolment was not as per its usual standards. There was a dip in the number of international students seeking admission to New Zealand’s Universities. Insufficient marketing strategies and lack of funds to market properly are possibly the reasons for the drop. The ongoing health crisis further affected the situation negatively. As a result, the students will be looking for other countries such as UK, USA, and Canada for their higher education.

Recognizing the slowdown in its international students’ recruitment, New Zealand is looking forward to engaging aggressively with prospective international students to study in New Zealand. Several factors have always enticed students for New Zealand, namely,

  • Safe and secure environment
  • Reputed Universities with decent world rankings
  • Inclusive society
  • Relatively low cost of education
  • Strong employability prospects
  • The breathtaking landscape of the nation

As the Prime Minister of New Zealand has declared the nation practically COVID-19 at the start of this year, it sends a strong signal towards easing border restrictions that will once again welcome international students. However, this will also depend upon the global response to the situation.

Once the health crisis is subdued, the country can get back on track with the right approach. Smart marketing techniques with increased engagement will divert the international students towards New Zealand because they already possess what it needs to be an ideal study destination. The expansion to attain global reach with appropriate strategies is required of New Zealand to encourage international students once again.

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