Germany ranks as the Europe’s top destination to study for international students for the second consecutive year in an annual analysis. Among the 30 European destinations, Germany emerged as the best choice considering the factors such as variety in programs, expense, prospects, and the quality of life for international students. Furthermore, after events like Trump’s restrictive stance towards immigrants and Brexit, there has been a shift in the mobility of students to study in Germany and other nations.

Germany is considered the rare combination of world-class quality education at absolutely no cost or minimal for international students. Moreover, over time, there has been an increase in the number of programs offered in the English language by various top universities in Germany. These factors have predominantly influenced the ranking of Germany to be the top-notch study destination for all European nations.

This ranking is based on three primary parameters: Education, cost, and life & Career. In addition, in this year’s edition, for the first time, a new factor which is ‘personal safety, is also included under the Life & Career category to analyze the countries keeping in mind the current situation for the international students. Therefore, the weightage of three factors is 45% for Education, 30% for cost, and 25% for Life and Career. Based on the scores obtained by the countries out of 100, they have been ranked accordingly.

Germany scored 80.7 out of 100, followed by UK (75.8), France (68.6), and Netherlands (67.9) in the combined analysis. However, taking the education factor alone, the UK leads the ranking. It has an overall score of 86.7, followed by Germany with 74.0 out of 100. Similarly, when the cost is considered, then Germany comes as an exception. It provides free tuition to all the students, including the foreigners in its public Universities, and a moderate cost of living. As a result, the UK emerges as the most expensive nation regarding living and tuition fees.

The third parameter is Life and Career takes into account the study experience of the international students and the outcomes regarding their employability. The scores are given based on English Proficiency, UN World Happiness Index, unemployment rates, and personal safety indicators. Here, UK leads the chart with a score of 88 as compared to Germany scoring 83.4. However, since the weightage is low, Germany emerges as the best European destination for international students in the overall perspective.

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