• Living in Germany is not that much expensive as compared to other European countries. The cost of food, transportation, clothing, health insurance, and education systems are quite excellent and other basic expenses are quite less than other major European cities. The study cost in Germany for Indian students can be around 850 euros per month.
  • The cost of living in Berlin is estimated to be:
  • 34% cheaper than New York
  • 23% cheaper than London
  • As a student, your biggest expense will be your rent. However, it largely depends on which part or which city of the country you are living in. The south Germany is the most expensive area to live in Germany whereas the east is the cheapest. Most students prefer to live in student hall of residence or a shared flat as having your own flat can be an expensive choice.
  • Munich is the most expensive city to live in the country.

Putting them in order from the most expensive to the cheapest the list would look like this:

  • South Germany
  • West Germany
  • North Germany
  • East Germany

Average monthly costs are as follows:

  • Euro 168 for food
  • Euro 42 for clothes
  • Euro 31 for telephone, internet and Tv license
  • Euro 20 for study material
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