• Under the current visa norm, the international students studying in the United Arab Emirates are now qualified for a five-year student visa, replacing the one-year visa term.
  • The silver lining is, if you are excel exceptionally in your studies in Dubai then you will be eligible for a 10-year residency while remaining students can get a five-year visa. The dependents of the applicant will receive a visa extension in order to help them to begin their careers after graduating.
  • Professional Specialists, such as doctors and engineers are also eligible for a 10-year residency visa.
  • The Dubai work visa is generally referred to as the “Residence permit for employment”. Under the visa, the eligible applicants aspiring to work in Dubai in the private sector can stay up to three years.
  • Eligible applicants must provide a range of evidence to substantiate their application including medical certificate.
  • Universities in Dubai are blessed with the Career Services Center who solely functions to inform you about the job opportunity with one of the 4,500 companies located across Dubai’s creative clusters.
  • Upon securing a valid job o­ffer from Dubai Employer, then that employer should apply for a Student Part-Time Employment Permit on your behalf.
  • You must Sign the agreement – Standards of Student Part-Time Employment form with the Employer. The form will be submitted by your employer along with the Permit application.
  • If your application for Student Part-Time Employment Permit is successful, then you will receive notification through email.
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