With a surge in Canada Student Visa applications, many budding minds want to apply for them as soon as possible to their favorite universities and colleges in Canada. There has been a quick pace in the acceptance and processing of these Canada visa applications for students.

Though there are delays due to the ongoing effects of COVID-19, nevertheless, there is no stop in these applicants undergoing the necessary visa process before being granted a study permit in Canada.

If there is any study destination that promotes overseas students to come and explore the many study options, then one must immigrate to Canada as a student. While pursuing their education, many of them apply for a job and become permanent residents on its completion.

What better way than locally acquire knowledge and experience in any of these Canadian provinces?  Studying in Canada opens doors to a high quality and standard of living coupled with various employment opportunities and world-class educational facilities. The processing time for Canadian study permits depend on several factors:

An average time for processing a Canada study permit can take between 9 to 11 weeks. The time for processing commences when the IRCC receives your complete application and comes to an end with their decision.

This processing time can vary depending upon the following factors:

  • Kind of application that has been lodged
  • Whether or not the application is complete with all the required details
  • How swiftly it is expected to process these applications that have been already received
  • How effortlessly authorities can verify all your information
  • The duration of time you take to make a response to any of the requests or concerns
  • Additional factors

There are two kinds of Canadian study permits: Inside or Outside. You need to apply within Canada as a temporary resident for the Inside Canada study permits, be it a visitor or a student. The outside study Canada study permit is for those applying from outside Canada.  If applied from within, the application can take up to 11 weeks, whereas it will take nine weeks if the same application is applied from outside Canada.

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