There have been talks in the pipeline to develop up to 405 hectares (1,000 acres) of university land in the upcoming decades. It will have the potential to bring a significant change to the central area of Saskatoon that is known to be a top province in terms of study in Canada. This University Sector Plan is meant to develop endowed lands that are around the university.

Alan Wallace, a senior planning consultant with Wallace Insights and the former director of planning and development with the city, stated that “This is the largest infill project in Saskatoon’s history. It’s probably the largest infill project in our province’s history” The plan was developed by the U of S and the city as well as an involved consultation with community partners and stakeholders.

This area could be converted into five new neighborhoods and close to 60,000 residents in the upcoming decades. According to a statement made by Lesley Anderson, director of planning and development for the city, “The sector plan is a high-level, long-term plan for the area, and it will guide future infrastructure development and future land development activities that the university will pursue following the approval,

“So it’s a guiding framework for future development in this area and provides some policies that will be used as the university develops out a more detailed plan. Along with this, Judy Yungwirth, director of infrastructure planning and land development, stated that “We don’t have detailed descriptions of those neighborhoods, but we do see them as complete, very vibrant, sustainable, distinct communities.”

She also added that these created neighborhoods would be walkable, transit-orientated, and connected to the university and be in harmony and integration with the surrounding community for study in Canada.

The pipeline’s lands will be located to the south, east, and north of the main campus. Developments such as Preston Crossing to the north and College Quarter south of College Drive are already in line on these endowed lands.

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