Undoubtedly, Canada is one of the best study destinations globally, and Indian students opt to study in Canada on a large scale. It is a land of opportunities for international students with a warm and welcoming attitude towards foreign talent. Among the various streams that are popular among students, engineering always takes the top spot. Though Canada has premier institutions that offer a wide range of program in almost every field, here, we shall look at the top picks in Canada for engineering students.

University of Toronto

Located in the most desirable province of Ontario, the University of Toronto is a highly ranked institute by several entities. It offers excellence to its students through transformative teaching methodology, adequate knowledge, the remarkable faculty’s guidance, and a conducive environment for international students. It is equipped with the necessary tools required during the engineering programs and focuses on practical learning and traditional knowledge.

University of British Columbia

This University is one of Canada’s most renowned universities, ranked among the world’s top 20 Universities. To be a student of engineering here opens multiple opportunities for international students. The carefully drafted curriculum is responsible for imparting an essential and comprehensive understanding of all the engineering principles in the first year. Then the student is given the freedom to choose his or her field of specialization. The engineering graduates from this Institute receive enough expertise to be successful professionals in the future.

University of Alberta

This University has a different fan base of international students due to its incredibly charming location in Edmonton. There is a wide variety of programs offered here, and the students have lots of options to choose from the list. The faculty of Engineering of this Institute is very well renowned, and the facilities are up to the mark. Be it laboratories or the teaching spaces, the University offers exemplary quality standards. The engineering graduates from the University of Alberta have very high employability prospects for the future.

Carleton University

This University is known for offering world-class programs in engineering, arts, business, science, and public affairs. It is in Ottawa, and the engineering graduates have up-and-coming prospects of internships and co-op work opportunities. It is the practical experience that counts for the professional preparedness of a student. In general, Canadian education focuses on providing out-of-the-classroom intelligence to the students so that they are ready to face the challenges that come along when they work in their respective fields.

University of Ottawa

The Institute is a brand image for the engineering programs. What makes it significantly attractive is the high employment rate of more than 96%. Therefore, if you are an engineering graduate from the University of Ottawa and perform well, you do not have to worry about your future employability. You shall be desired by the employers out there. The University also offers manufacturing facilities, entrepreneurial competitions, and start-up programs, thereby supporting the students’ innovation and growth.

Almost all the top Universities in Canada are known for their quality of education, globally recognized degrees, and the emphasis upon practical learning, offering a perfect blend of knowledge and experience to international students.  Therefore, when you decide to study in Canada, it is evident that you are on your way to a bright future, provided you work hard enough to prove your potential as you learn.

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