Indian students while planning to study in Canada take into account several factors, one of which is the funds. There is no second opinion on the fact that international education is pricey as compared to the expenses incurred in Indian education, but there are resorts to manage the expenditure. While many students take loans and also work part-time in Canada to be able to study there and earn alongside to bear the expenses, the meritorious students can also explore the scholarships that are available for Indians. These scholarships can be publicly funded or through private organizations for students with exceptional abilities to learn, perform and eventually give back to the society.

There is a quote by Amos Bronson Alcott that says, “A work of real merit find favor at last”. This stands true for students who demonstrate exceptional qualities to be admitted into top Canadian institutes. The popular scholarships awarded to international students to study in Canada is as follows –

  • Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship amounting exceeding 42 lakhs for students enrolled in postgraduate degree in environmental and social science or health studies
  • IDRC Research Awards allowing travel and research support for more than 9 lakhs for those participating in Master’s or doctoral programs in developed countries
  • Vanier Graduate Scholarships of more than 30 lakhs for deserving students with testing abilities and leadership qualities
  • Ontario Trillium Scholarship of almost 25 lakhs for PhD scholarships in Canada for students in Ontario
  • Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship for Master’s students studying in Quebec. This is given to the meritorious students who are found eligible for financial assistance

Canada as a country gives due importance to education and hence it provides ways for the talented individuals to pursue scholarships to continue to study in Canada. The emphasis is more on the students involved in research work as it is expected that they would make significant contribution in the developmental activities. Any country would want to retain talented brains and hence there are always mechanisms to support and encourage them. As a matter of fact, there are several patents belonging to Canadian Universities and there are robust research facilities in these institutes.

One attractive thing about developed countries is that the educational standards are maintained across all the educational institutes. Whether you study in Canada or other top educational destinations, you can stay assured of the quality of education irrespective of the ranking of the institute. There will be plenty of facilities, the laboratories will be equipped with all the essential equipment and there will be enough resources to carry out independent research. Hence, it is these benefits that attract students to these countries.

To avail such scholarships, the students must identify their eligibility for each of them to study in Canada. For the visa process, there are student visa consultants who can handle the study permit application very well. They can guide through each and every document and other essential requirements to become eligible for one. Again, getting a study permit is not challenging for meritorious students as each and every country looks forward to welcome the talent to its nation.

Planning to study in Canada requires attention upon the University and the program to make a careful choice. As far as the scholarships are concerned, it entirely depends upon the merit of the students, for everything else, experts can be consulted. They will help in making an informed choice about the University, funds that may be required and the program that will be most beneficial. They can suggest as per the requirements of the applicant whether they are going just for studies or for long term stay in Canada.

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