This may seem hard to believe, but the truth is that over 700,000 students worldwide are planning to get their education from Canada. Either they are in the thinking stage or executing stage or have already initiated their process to get admission into a Designated Learning Institute in Canada. This vast number is a result of the excellence and perks that come along with Canadian education. The biggest reason is the immigration-friendly stand of the country that permits deserving international students to permanently settle in Canada if they meet all the requirements with time. They can apply for a post-graduate work permit right after graduation and start working in Canada.

Therefore, when you plan for something this crucial for your future, you must proceed with ultimate precision and complete awareness. While it is always a plus point to take the services from experienced consultants, there are some factors that you should be careful about as listed below –

  • Make sure that you have a valid passport. As per Canadian laws, your passport should not be expiring for at least six months after you enter the country. If this is the case, immediately apply for your passport’s renewal. You should also carry your identity documents issued by the Government of your country.
  • Do check for your finances. You will be required to demonstrate your financial capability to study in Canada through your GIC account balance of CAD 10,000 and first-year tuition fee.
  • After you get your acceptance letter from your University, understand that it is time to apply for your Canada study permit. This letter is a prerequisite to apply for your visa.
  • International students must subscribe to health insurance coverage. It can be private or provincial, depending upon the province you will be staying in and your preferences.
  • It is also imperative to fix accommodation before leaving your country. If you are not opting for on-campus housing, do search it beforehand because you will be very anxious once you are in Canada without having any particular place to stay.

Plan well for your studies in Canada to make the most out of it. Discuss all your expectations with an expert so that you can opt for the right program at the right institution to get the desired outcome after you complete your education. It is all the more critical if you plan to extend your stay in Canada and hope for permanent residency in the country in the future.

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