Studying abroad in big and popular destinations like Canada involves a lot of factors that one has to plan beforehand. One of the major aspect is the cost involving fees, living expenses and Canada student visa fees. There has to be sufficient resources with the applicant to get success for the visa or should have legitimate means to arrange it such as loan or funding. Apart from funds, the decisive factor for an applicant is the timely submission of all the required documents, the statement of intent and the academic and professional records along with health and character.

Starting with the Canada student visa fees, it is USD 150 (INR 11,152) and the tuition fee and living expenses are the variable factors that depend upon the program, the University and the location of the student. A general idea of the same would be somewhere near USD 20,000 (INR 15 lakhs) for one year for undergraduate courses. The Graduate Certificates are considered to be extremely expensive since they are designed for those students whose aim is just to study in Canada and in many cases, they take it as an opportunity to settle in Canada in the future.

When compared to other top study destinations such as USA, UK and Australia, Canada is the cheapest of them all. Even the Canada student visa fees is lesser than others apart from the major expenses. There are two major reasons why Canada is very popular as a study destination for Indians. First of all, it is affordable amongst all the major study destinations and secondly, it is friendly for the international students. It gives them the opportunity to stay in the country after studies through its post-graduate work visa and worthy students do get to reside permanently in the country if they manage to find suitable employment.

All the information related to studies in Canada and the visa process can be dealt with easily by taking the services from overseas education consultants. They are aware of the admission process, the visa and its related formalities such as submission of Canada student visa fees, biometrics and the average processing time. They can help understand the procedure and can handle it precisely leaving minimal space for errors. Hence, proceed with the right advice and guidance under expert consultants while planning for Canadian education.

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