• Cost of living in Canada is 171.95% higher than in India.
  • The following table lists the top five most expensive cities to live in in Canada

1.Vancouver, British Columbia

2.Toronto, Ontario

3.Victoria, British Columbia

4.Calgary, Alberta

5.Hamilton-Burlington, Ontario

The Cheapest Places

  • When you choose to live in a place outside the major cities of Canada you can cut down on your cost of living. Some of the cheapest places to live and study in Canada are given below;

1.Abbotsford in British Columbia

2.St. Catherine’s in Ontario

3.Moncton in New Brunswick

4.The province of Quebec (Any place can be chosen)

  • Cost of Food and Groceries in Canada– It could cost you between 110-120 CAD inexpensive restaurants in one of the major cities. Costs may go down to 65-75 CAD in restaurants that fall in the mid-range.
  • Cost of Healthcare In Canada- A short consultation with a doctor would cost around 100 CAD.
  • Cost of Transportation In Canada- the charges for taxi per kilometer in some of the major cities in Canada like Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver could be anywhere between 1.70 CAD to 2.0 CAD.
  • Cost of Fitness and Entertainment In Canada- A traditional mode of entertainment like a public cinema could cost you between 13-15 CAD depending on the place you live in like Toronto, Montreal or Ottawa.
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