Students worldwide dream of studying at their favorite destination, and the USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe remain at the top choices. As per the two surveys conducted recently, the prospective students are high in their spirits to move abroad for higher education. On the other hand, Canada has released the list of Designated Learning Institutes that are COVID-19 ready to welcome international students like before. Amid the progress to get things to normal, the US suspects fraud in the much popular Optional Practical Training (OPT) Program.

As per the two surveys conducted by various entities, most international students are expecting to begin their overseas education by late 2021. A tiny proportion of these students have reflected their shift in their plan to fly across their higher education nation. Due to the pandemic, the students are caught between changing visa policies, mode of learning, travel restrictions, and financial challenges. Due to the uncertain circumstances, they are planning to defer their programs rather than dropping it altogether. This indicates the commitment of the students to study abroad for a bright and better future.

To raise the students’ morals, Canada has released a list of the Designated Learning Institutes (DLIs) that ready to welcome international students once again, following all the safety precautions and measures necessary to prevent any spread. The borders are opened from 20th October for international students, and the requirements are –

  • A valid study permit or letter of introduction that shows the validity for a study permit; and
  • The Institute where the admission is taken is a DLI and has a COVID-19 readiness plan, approved by the respective province or territory

The students are expected to stay in 14-days quarantine after entering Canada, and the purpose of travel must be non-discretionary. All these factors shall be looked upon by the Border Services Officers at Canadian Borders.

Meanwhile, the neighboring country, USA, has arrested 15 suspects of being involved in fraud with international graduates’ OPT program, indicating increased scrutiny in the USA’s student visa programs. The investigation was going on for a month now. Several files were suspicious, where OPT participants were claimed to be employed in companies that don’t exist or were staying beyond the permitted time on their Visa. Though college administrators’ involvement has not been mentioned explicitly, willful ignorance on the part of college staff is highlighted. OTP allows foreign graduates to stay and work in the USA for one year after their graduation.

As the USA gets stricter and enforces increased scrutiny in international students’ visa programs, Canada remains a student-friendly choice. It offers an optimum quality of education at comparable cheaper rates and clear-cut pathways for students to stay in the country after graduation, provided they find suitable employment for themselves.

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