Living Expenses

  • Knowing the average cost of living is a crucial process to plan your finances well before and after moving to Australia as a student. Australia is a favourite study destination for international students simply because it ranks 10 in the Human Development Index and the Quality of Life Index.
  • The cost of living in Australia includes food, accommodation, bills, transport, clothing, etc. All these depend on the kind of lifestyle you choose in Australia. The city you choose to study overseas in Australia.
  • There are various tools and resources available for international students to calculate the total cost of living in Australia. Students are also advised to take help from their colleges and institutions to get the exact idea of their expenses.

School expenses

  • The tuition fee can rise significantly depending on the universities or colleges you opt for your studies. Each university has its own fee structure that might rank based on the discipline you select, degree level, and popularity of the university. In general, students may expect to pay up to 14.35 Lacs annually for an undergraduate course, and 17.30 Lacs for an postgraduate course.

The top five most expensive cities to live in Australia.
1.Sydney, New South Wales
2.Melbourne , Victoria
3.Perth, Western Australia
4.Canberra- Capital city
5.Brisbane, Queensland

Top most Affordable Australian Cities for Students:
1.Gold coast, Brisbane
2.Wollongong- Close proximity to Sydney
3.Hobart, Tasmania’
4. Adelaide , South Australia

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