• Scott Morrison, the Prime Minister of Australia, has signalled the reopening of borders by the end of 2021. He said top priority would be given to Australian citizens and permanent residents eager to come to Australia home, followed by skilled migrants and international students.
  • He outlined plans to permit fully vaccinated citizens and permanent residents to fly overseas from November for the first time since the country implemented a travel ban in March 2020.
  • He said that after Australians, the next priority would be skilled migrants and international students who applied for Australia study visa before tourists.
  • Tourists will not be allowed to enter Australia until next year.
  • Fully vaccinated citizens, permanent residents may be allowed to travel and return to states that have reached 80 percent double dose milestone
  • The prime minister also said India remains the “biggest area of activity” when getting Australians home.
  • Nearly 26,500 Australians stuck in India have made their way home since the borders were shut in March 2020, while more than 10,000 remain stranded in the South Asian nation.
  • Speaking about India, the prime minister said: “The vaccination rates in India are pretty encouraging, and they have a got a very, very good vaccine which is also great, so I think that gives us a lot of opportunities going into next year.”

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