Visa Filing

Visa Filing

Visa Filing

Applying for a student visa is like walking through a maze of document submissions. It may seem easy at first but it is where you need guidance, and who does it better than Study Abroad Experts because we know student visas like the back of our hands.

Applying for a student visa can be a bit challenging and complicated process, hence, an expert guidance is required. Once you have received your offer letter or confirmation of your enrolment, it’s time to apply for student visa. Depending upon your course, university, and country, you can apply either apply for a short-term or a long-term visa. A long-term visa covers the duration of your course as well as your internship. Most of the countries also categorize the student visa based on the degree level – undergraduate, graduate or doctoral.

At Study Abroad Experts, we advise students on necessary documents and procedures they need to follow to get their application right. Since, the processing time for the student visa varies from country to country, we strongly recommend the students to apply for visa as early as possible, regardless of the actual date of program intake.

Our team of expert counselors possess the necessary knowledge and skills to help the aspiring students through the complications of visa process to make sure they have a hassle-free and stress-free experience with us. From identifying the right visa application form to assisting in filing the online or hard copy of visa application, and to addressing all your doubts and confusions, our team strive to offer you everything you want to have that perfect start of your career abroad.

Students are required to follow a series of steps to fulfil their long-cherished dream of studying in a foreign university. Though, there is no typical order of the steps to apply for visa as the process for each country and university differs in terms of documentation and application. However, below is a list of documents that are common for every student visa application. They are:

Copy of a valid passport – Students are advised to keep their passport valid beyond the duration of their course. Keep at least two pages black for the visa stamping. In some cases, students are also required to provide copies of the old passports too.

University offer letter- A university offer letter is a proof that you have been accepted by your chosen university. Students must submit the letter of confirmation at the time of visa filing to show your eligibility for the student visa.

Proof of Funds- Prospective students must provide evidentiary proof that they are able to pay the fee for the university as well as bear the cost of living in the country. Every country has set a minimum financial funds requirement for students to meet in order to get the visa.

To fulfill your overseas education dream, get in touch with our experienced counselors on our hotline no. 08595338595. To explore new opportunities and possibilities, apply now!!

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