How to Prepare For the PTE Academic Exam 2024

Will you be sitting for the Pearson Test of English (PTE) soon? If so, you need a PTE preparation plan. The goal is to achieve the highest possible score on the PTE. Understanding the test’s format and the various types of questions it includes is essential for effective preparation and maximizing your score.



Pearson Test of English (PTE)

The Language Academy PTE assesses your English language skills. Universities use it for admissions, governments for immigration and residency, and businesses and professional organizations use it to evaluate English communication skills for employment and advancement.

The PTE exam contains the following sections:

  • Part 1: Speaking & Writing
  • Part 2: Reading
  • Part 3: Listening

The best way of preparing for the PTE academic exam is by considering at how you will be scored.

PTE Scoring: Overall and Score by Skills

The PTE score report provides you with five different scores – an overall score along with four separate scores for your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skill performance.

Your overall PTE score, reflecting your capability in quality education, is calculated using a 0 to 90 scale, with a perfect score being 90. Your overall or combined PTE exam score is calculated using a formula that averages your separate skills scores.

PTE Exam Preparation Tips

Understanding the PTE exam pattern and scores in-depth, to assist students is the first step in PTE exam preparation. PTE cracking tips, designed to assist students, may help candidates improve their skills and abilities. If candidates are unfamiliar with the PTE exam format, they risk losing points, underscoring the need to assist students in this area. The following advice for PTE preparation for beginners, aimed at assisting students, would be useful. The right guidance and assistance, focused on assisting students, can make the PTE examination a lot easier.

Let’s take a look at the 4 sections of the PTE examination, including their tips and tricks, with a focus on how they assist students.

Note: Whether you’re planning to study in Europe or Canada, most universities there accept the PTE score.

PTE Speaking Practice

The PTE has a section for speaking and writing that lasts 54-67 minutes and includes seven types of questions. There are 5 speaking tasks and 2 writing tasks in this section. Here are some tips for practicing the speaking part of the PTE.

Question Type Task Skills Tested
Read Aloud Read the given task out loud. Reading and Speaking
Repeat Sentence Repeat the sentence after listening to the audio Listening and Speaking
Describe an image Describe the details of the provided image Speaking
Retelling lectures Listen to an audio and repeat the lecture in own words Listening and Speaking
Answer short questions Listen to an audio and answer the question in a single word Listening and Speaking


PTE Writing Practice

The PTE exam has a combined speaking and writing section lasting 54-67 minutes, with two writing tasks divided into two parts, and here are some tips to help you prepare for both sections.

Question Type Task Skills Tested
Summarize a written text Read the text and summarize it in a single text Reading and writing
Essay Write an essay on the given topic within 200-300 words Writing


PTE Listening Practice

The PTE listening section, lasting 30-43 minutes, includes eight types of questions that assess a candidate’s listening skills, based on audio and video clips, which are played only once.

Question Type Task Skills Tested
Summarizing spoken test Listen to an audio and write a summary of 50-70 words Listening and Writing
MCQ Listen to an audio and answer the question based on tone and content Listening
Fill in the blanks Listen to an audio and fill in the blanks with the correct words. Listening and Writing
Highlight the correct summary Listen to a recording and choose the passage that aptly summarizes the content. Listening and Reading
Select the missing word Listen to an audio and choose the right word that completes the audio Listening
Highlight the incorrect word Select the words in the transcript that are different from the actual recording. Listening and Reading
Writing from dictation Listen to a recording, then type out the sentence you hear. Listening and Writing


PTE Reading Practice

The PTE reading section, which is the second part of the test, takes 29-30 minutes and includes five types of questions aimed at assessing the candidates’ reading abilities..

Question Type Task Skills Tested
MCQ, choose the right single answer Read the text and select the right answer based on the tone and content. Reading
MCQ, choose multiple right answers Read the text and choose multiple right answers based on the tone or content Reading
Paragraphs Recording Rearrange the boxes in the correct order as they are currently out of sequence. Reading
Fill in the blanks- Reading A passage with several blanks will be given. Drag and drop the apt words into the blank spaces. Reading
Fill in the blanks: Reading and Writing A passage appears on the screen with blanks. Fill in the blanks. Reading


For PTE preparation online, within various education systems, candidates must demonstrate their English language competency by taking an English exam. Thousands of schools in the world accept the PTE Academic English language test.

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