For students who are keeping up with their dreams of studying abroad after the situation is restored due to COVID-19 restrictions, there are a few tips from the experts that can be useful for the students to utilize their time in the lockdown.

Though the major study destinations like USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Europe are battling with the pandemic and several restrictions are in place including the travel bans, students are still interested in getting a degree from their favorite destination. Also, there are Universities that have started taking admissions for the next semesters, offering leniency to foreign students and building digital infrastructure for the processes to get the process done online.

Keep the process on track

If your institute is accepting admissions and has commenced the procedures, then you must go ahead with all the formalities that are required. Apply for your program, fill in all the details and pay the fees. Even if the restrictions are extended, your institute will inform you the deferred date and the way ahead. However, you must follow the schedule rather than waiting for the extension, to avoid any unforeseen delays.

Learn about the Exams you will appear for

While you may be getting bored at home or making plans what all you are going to do once the lockdown is over, but now is the time you can learn about the exams you will be appearing for in future. When you apply for studies abroad, you ought to prepare for exams like language proficiency or some eligibility tests of the University designed to assess your critical or reasoning abilities. This is the best time to understand the curriculum and pattern of these exams to score better and ensure your success.

Start preparing for exams online

Now that you know about the exams, start preparing for them. This is the high time you can take the lead and excel. Take online coaching and attempt as many mocks as you can. Remember practicing constantly is the key to success for any exam. If you start well now, you will be relaxed at time of the exam. Instead of speculating on the future outcomes due to COVID-19, stay focused and start preparing for exams.

Assessment is equally important

While you prepare for any exam, it is equally important to assess your level of preparation. Without analyzing the level of preparation, you may not know your strength or weaknesses. With self-assessment you can recognize the areas where you need to practice more. This will improve your overall performance in the exam as you will be comfortable with all the sections and will not have to depend on your strong topics to score more.

Connect with StudyAbroadExpert consultants digitally

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