Over 700 Indian students in Canada have been given deportation notices by the Canadian Border Security Agency (CBSA) due to the discovery that their admission offer letters to educational institutions were fraudulent.

Reports indicate that the students had utilized the services of Education Migration Services, an agency located in Jalandhar and run by Brijesh Mishra, to apply for study visas. Mishra allegedly charged each student a fee of INR 16 to INR 20 lakh to cover all expenses related to their studies, including admission fees to the prestigious Humber College. However, airfare and security deposits were not included in this payment to the agent.

The students’ fraudulent scheme was uncovered when they applied for permanent residency (PR) in Canada and were required to submit various documents, including admission letters, to the CBSA in accordance with the regulations. Upon investigation by the CBSA, it was discovered that the admission offer letters were fraudulent, resulting in deportation notices being issued to the students.

Despite being issued deportation notices, the students are protesting the action and claiming that they were victims of fraud. They assert that they were unaware that their immigration agent in India had used fake documents for their student visa applications. According to their account, after they arrived in Toronto, Mishra informed them that all available spots in their chosen courses at Humber College were filled, and suggested they either wait until the next semester or apply to another college to save time. Additionally, he returned their fees for Humber College, further leading them to believe in his credibility.

Under the guidance of Mishra, the unsuspecting students applied to a lesser-known college and enrolled in available two-year diploma courses, as advised. The classes began, and upon completion of the courses, the students were granted work permits. Some of them even graduated and began working in Canada.

Despite the students’ assertions about the immigration agent’s wrongdoing, the CBSA remained unconvinced. As per reports, the students’ sole recourse is to challenge the deportation order in court, although this process could take several years, ranging from three to four years.

Mishra is currently on the run from authorities. As reported, this is not the first instance of Mishra facing accusations of fraudulent activity. Back in 2013, when he was operating a different immigration agency under the name Easy Way Immigration, he was arrested for forging documents in order to send students overseas.

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