In a wxxorld that’s more connected than ever, the Tetr College of Business is leading the charge in global education with its announcement of INR 2 Cr. in merit-based scholarships for Indian students. It’s a terrific exchange program where one gets to study the concepts of business and tech in seven countries for four years. Italy, the US, and Singapore are among the universities you will study at; while INSEAD and IIT are among the schools you will work with.

But what truly sets this program apart is the mentorship from global leaders. Imagine learning the ropes of business from the likes of Daniel Garret Van Der Vliet of Cornell and Manoj Kohli, a titan of industry. These mentors will be the guiding stars for students through their academic journey.

The beginning of this new exciting chapter in September 2024 will see 60 students from all corners of the globe. The 15 spot allocation for the Indian scholars is an inspiring indication of the quality of this higher learning institution and the genuine contribution it wishes to enlist. The college is also seeking the best students with excellent SAT scores and individuals who have been accepted to other strong schools but want to attend Name Players College instead.

So, for those who are willing to embark on this transformative journey, Tetr College of Business is here to serve it. Do you have some queries or require assistance regarding the application?

Feel free to get in touch with the immigration expert at +91-8595-338-595 or email This is more than a scholarship; it’s a journey to becoming a global citizen and a leader of tomorrow.

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