The Australian Government has announced a major improvement in the processing times of student visa applications. According to the Department of Home Affairs, the average processing time for a student visa application in 2023 has been reduced to as little as 16 days, compared to 42 days in 2022.

This means that prospective students who wish to study in Australia can start their education sooner and with less hassle. The Department of Home Affairs attributed the faster processing times to the additional resourcing and streamlining of procedures that were implemented since 2022.

The Helpful Tips: What You Need to Do

Of course, getting a student visa in Australia is not just a matter of waiting for 16 days. You still need to prepare your application carefully and follow the instructions from the Department of Home Affairs.

This is what you should follow to achieve your goal:

  • Lodge your application at least 6-8 weeks before course commencement. This will give you enough time to gather all the required documents, such as your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE), your health insurance, your financial evidence, and your English language proficiency test results. It will also allow you to avoid any delays due to peak periods or unforeseen circumstances.
  • Check your ImmiAccount often to see if the Department of Home Affairs has asked you for anything. Your ImmiAccount is your online portal where you can track the status of your application, upload any additional documents, and communicate with the Department of Home Affairs. You will get a message in your ImmiAccount with an Information Request (RFI) from the Department of Home Affairs if you submit an application that is not complete. You must respond to this request as soon as possible, otherwise, your application may be finalized without the information they requested and may not be approved.
  • Request an extension of time if you are having difficulty getting the required documentation. Sometimes, you may encounter some challenges in obtaining the documents you need for your application, such as delays in receiving your CoE or your test results. If this happens, you should request an extension of time through your ImmiAccount. You should also provide evidence of any actions you have taken to obtain the required information, such as a payment receipt or booking confirmation, in order to support your request for more time.

The Final Step: Pack Your Bags and Get Ready for Australia!

If you follow these tips and submit a complete and accurate application, you will receive a decision on your student visa within 16 days or even sooner. Once you get your visa grant letter, you can pack your bags and get ready for your exciting journey to Australia!

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