What comes as a ray of hope for the international students enrolled in Australian Universities and are stuck overseas, the Federal Government of Australia has confirmed the consideration of exemption of travel ban on international students in July itself.

On 08th May, Scott Morrison, the Prime Minister of Australia, has revealed a national three-stage framework to ease off the coronavirus restrictions. This framework has mentioned the opening up of the doors for international students to return to Australian Universities in the third step of the plan.

He further specified that this would be done only if strict quarantine restrictions are met, and the Government is closely working with the Universities to achieve this. The measures have not been outlined yet but the process is underway to analyze and devise the safety provisions and the costs involved.

There has been a push from the education lobby to exempt travel ban on international students. The absence of overseas based students coming into the country is a major blow to the fourth-biggest industry in Australia.

Nev Power, National COVID-19 Coordination Commission Chairperson too has expressed the importance of opening up the education sector again and allowing the international students to resume their studies in Australia. He stressed upon the close working of Government and Universities on this, expediting the visa process and coming up with safety measures as soon as possible, so that the students can get back in this academic year only.

Though there are speculations and uncertainties, both from the student community and the authorities, but everything will get back to normal slowly and gradually. Once the health authorities gives the OK, there will be regular classes and international students will commence their studies in Australia. The health of the students and the staff is of utmost priority, says the Universities Australia CEO Catriona Jackson.

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