The moment you decide to study overseas, you find yourself surrounded by lots of misconceptions and rumors related to studying abroad. The source can be your family, friends or misinformation doing rounds on various social media platforms. Hence, it becomes imperative that you are well-informed and aware of the differences between facts and fictions before you make up your mind to study abroad.

In order to avoid unnecessary chaos in your mind, it is advisable that you visit reliable overseas education consultants so that you are properly informed of all the pros and cons of studying overseas. They will provide you informative insights regarding every factor that play key roles in your decision making.

Is it expensive?

One of the prevalent misconceptions is that studying abroad is very expensive. While money plays an important role, but, efficient management of your funds can keep your mind at ease. You should choose a destination that suits your unique financial situation by judging the factors that would affect your finances such as tuition fee, cost of living etc. Further, there are scholarships and other financial planning tools that can help in financing your overseas education. Again, information is of prominent significance. Utilize the authentic resources available like consultants, advisors to help you guide in managing and arranging your funds while you fulfill your dream of studying in a desirable destination.

How will you stay when you don’t know the language there?

Language barrier is another hindrance which comes into the mind while planning to study abroad. There is a chance that you are contemplating to study at a destination with no knowledge of the native language of that country. However, if your lack of language knowledge causes you anxiety, most of the Universities take care of these factors while recruiting international students. Usually the courses are offered in the common languages such as English, else, they offer you courses where you can learn to speak their language to have an authentic educational experience. Therefore, a little knowledge of some basic phrases of that particular language can help you to interact and with time you get along with the locals and make friends belonging to a different culture.

Who will take care of my safety there?

A major concern while studying overseas both for the student and the parents is safety. It is a fact that safety levels may differ from country to country, however safety shouldn’t be a major issue as the admitting University will have adequate safety measures for the international students. It is their onus to make them feel comfortable and safe in the new environment and thus, they will have established processes in place beforehand. They will be able to provide you with all the information regarding accommodation, transportation and connections with fellow students to ensure that you settle peacefully. However, a comprehensive research on your part regarding the country or city is advisable so that you limit the risks and enjoy your stay abroad.

Is it a waste of time?

There are myths regarding overseas education that it delays the graduation and that it adds nothing to your CV. The former can be addressed through proper research and planning. If you carefully plan your course, your studies should be able to be cross-credited easily into your existing qualifications which means you will graduate at the same time as you would have originally. For the latter concern, any candidate who has international experience will be more attractive for the employers. In the globalized world, versatility is in demand. If you have international education experience, you have the courage to take up the challenges, are independent and can adapt in different environments which are pre requisites when you look up for a suitable job in this competitive world.

Not only these, there can be other displeasing factors as well when it comes to study overseas, such as being missed out at home but the topmost priority is your life and future and you cannot miss an opportunity to be the best when you can be! If there are challenges, there will be ways to overcome them. All you have to do is consult and research appropriately regarding your choice of country, course and manage your funds accordingly.

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