Which is why it would be a waste if we do not leave our comfort ones to experience and explore the world at large, because as Saint Augustine said ‘The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page’. A well-travelled person carries varied experiences with him, right from the time when he embarks on an adventure filled with colorful sights, cultures, cuisines and stories.

If travelling can be so exciting, imagine how would it feel when you study abroad and have the same experience while you receive international learning. Not only would you collect memories and recollections, but it also shapes you as an individual building more perspective, helping you form a wider world view.

After all, networking and meeting with people from different corners and nationalities of the world is such a delightful and fulfilling experience, that it enriches you as a person, thus making you open minded in myriad ways.

No wonder many bussing students who want to delve deeper in to their choice of course, choose overseas destination as their place of study owing to their state-of-the-art infrastructure, high end facilities and a highly eclectic faculty, that this study abroad universities employ.

If we look at the numbers, you will be glad to know that more than six lakh Indian students are currently pursuing their higher studies in abroad based universities owing to the career opportunities and standard of living combined with the quality of world class education these universities and educational institutions offer to these budding students, who have enrolled in them.

No matter whichever area you want to study in, be it Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, these too ranking universities there is a buffet of the kind of courses which you can select as per your eligibility and preference.

And, the best part is that, you can choose a course that is based on your area of interest and expertise without compromising, because international universities give an immense leverage to research and development, that leads to new innovations and discoveries.

ICT and the tech sector are another such course that is gaining momentum in universities, with artificial intelligence and Data science leading the way both in terms of innovation and career prospects.

Now even, study abroad loans are simpler and easier to apply without undergoing any hassles, be it for course, accommodation expenses, study material or any other related costs, which is why it is more assessible and possible for students to fulfill their long-held dreams

Speaking of overseas study places, here are some of the top most destinations for Indian students to pursue their studies.


USA is not only home to bug skyscrapers and tech giants but is also a world class study destination, housing some of top- and high-ranking universities in the world offering popular courses such as MS in Computer Sciences, BTech, MBA, BSc, etc. which is why study in USA is highly popular.


Affordability and low cost of living along with world class education for overseas students are some of the reasons, that Canada has emerged as a favorite destination who for students who want to study in Canada in different and interesting courses. Not only do they have entry procedures that are lenient, but as a student they even permit you to stay back and find work in Canada after you have completed your course.


If you thinking of an ideal place to study in Europe, then zero your choice on Germany. Having some od the best colleges for higher education, Germany allows you to expand your horizons by exploring your career opportunities with some of well-established companies that are based there. And, what more international students are not required to pay tuition fees, all you need to shell out, are the administrative costs and travel expenditure.


Another exciting overseas destination, we cannot do without mentioning is Australia, that has been a haven for international students. 8 out of top 100 to be precise universities that are based in Australia provide some of best and high ‘Koala-ty’ courses Business Administration, Law, Accountancy, Agricultural Sciences, Logistics. in Along with this, the country pays good average salaries, from which you can even repay your student loan, and do away with worries.

New Zealand

This list cannot be complete, if we leave out New Zealand being home to 8 of the top universities from the QAS world rankings. Some of the best suited and highly enrolled courses to study in New Zealand are Animation, Tourism, IT, Hospitality, Management (the esteemed Le Cordon Bleu has a branch in New Zealand), Education, etc.

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