One, the pandemic and second the Trump’s administration has created a situation of turmoil in the lives of international students who aspire to study in USA. In a recent notification released by Trump’s administration dated 24th of July, the new students who have enrolled in the Universities and colleges for entirely online courses in this fall semester, will not be able to enter the USA due to the pandemic. This is a setback for the foreign students who planned to move to USA for their education in this fall semester.

Only the new students who have taken admission after 09th March 2020 will not be allowed to enter the USA. This rule does not apply to the existing students who are already in the USA and are active enrolled in the Institute on or before 09th March. The new or initial students will not be issued the Form I-20 by their respective institutes, which is an eligibility certification of admission within the institute which allows them to apply for the student visa for USA. However, there is one case where students can enter the USA on a valid visa, if their institute certify that it is mandatory to take at least one course in person for the fall semester.

There has been a significant drop in the number of international students applying for USA due to the uncertainties because of the pandemic and the unfavorable Trump’s policies disapproving of the foreign students. Also, there has been a sentiment against the Optional Practical Training (OPT) that allows international students to stay and work in the USA for one to three years after the completion of the studies. The reason being these students replaces the Americans by taking up the job as cheap laborers.

In this scenarios, Canada continues to be the best alternative for international students. The country welcomes them with open arms by relaxing the terms and conditions and even extending the provision of post-study work permit to students who will be studying half the course through online method. It is evident that the USA and Canada’s respective immigration policies are working in opposite direction. While USA is devising strategies to limit the immigration, Canada seems to be aggressively inviting immigrants through all possible pathways. It is high time that students decide to study in Canada for their overseas education.

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