Are you planning to study at a Canadian University? If yes, then one of the most pressing concerns is the cost of education when you have decided to take up a course at your university’s choice. This article makes it simpler for you by breaking down each aspect of studying at a university in Canada and will help you gain full access to university study in Canada:

Explained – Tuition Fees 

Every Canadian University decides the Tuition cost to their students based on the program, the home country of the individual, and depending upon the province and degree level. An average citizen pursuing their studies in Canada pays on an average of $6,500 or £3,801 a year (these figures noted will be in Canadian dollars). Overseas students pay relatively more than a Canadian citizen.

Engineering and medicine courses charge a hefty amount for international students (average is between $30,000 or £17,547 per year). At the same time, the Arts and Humanities program cost is much lesser. Courses around Business management are more than the national average of around $20,000.

Cost of Accommodation

While choosing to study in Canada, you can select to reside in either a homestay, the university arranged accommodation, or a private place, for which the costs will relatively vary. The average charges of university residence or dormitory will be $250 – $625 (£146 – £365) per month, with a homestay charging a fee for initial placement at $200 (£117) and the average cost per year is $1,150 (£672)

Miscellaneous Student Costs

If Quebec is your planned Canadian destination of choice for study, you will be required to hold a minimum of $10,000 or $11,000 in addition to the tuition fees. Besides this, you need to have a sizeable budget to cover your expense of living. As estimated by The University of Montreal, the students will require a total amount of $15,050 (£8,802) per year that would comprise books and course supplies, phone bills, and other expenditures. Cities in Quebec are relatively less costly on rental accommodation as compared to the city of Vancouver.

Also, you are required to possess mandatory medical insurance that differs from province to province. Canadian provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Saskatchewan have their overseas students covered under their provincial healthcare plans. They will be based on the duration of your stay as well as your country of origin. If you have planned to study in Quebec, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, or Yukon, you will be required to manage your private health insurance.

For an average academic year, the book expenses would be about $600 (£354) along with a $30 per month mobile phone package. For public transportation, you can make a monthly bus pass between $80-100 (£46-58), with Taxis costing $2 and $6 per kilometer (£1.18-3.54).

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