The lockdown has started to step aside and countries are opening up their economies and activities are started to get normalized, however, education sector is still facing issues as without strict measures in place, Universities and other learning institutes cannot risk the health of young generation. In this regard, UK Universities have agreed on a set of principles which includes both on-campus and online learning for domestic as well as international students.

As the Indian students form a major chunk of international students in UK and their population have been on a rise on yearly basis, this comes as an important development for them. As per the Universities UK International (UUKi), an organisation that represents 143 UK universities, Indian students are advised to stay connected with their respective Universities on further guidance as the lockdown subsides in UK as well as in India.

UUKi Director Vivienne Stern has assured that Universities will regularly communicate the students on the specifics of their course in the coming weeks. She asserts that Universities have been working hard to achieve the objective of keeping students safe on the campus. There will be proper intimation from the institutes to every single student enrolled in the UK and the focus will be on accepting the blended approach wherever possible.

Some of the Universities in UK have already announced the guidelines on returning back to UK for the fall semester beginning towards the end of September and local decisions will be made as per the circumstances of each institute. However, a common set of principles have been charted out to ensure that health, well-being and safety of the students remains the top priority.

The UK Universities Minister, Michelle Donelan said that the Universities in UK continue to be open for international students and that efforts are being made to work as flexibly as possible and making processes as easy as possible for the international students so that they can take a decision on their further studies and reserve their seats for the coming year.

The Universities, through the combined approach of online and face-to-face learning are trying to address the dual issue of maintaining social distancing as well as providing quality education to its students.

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