With the announcement of re-introduction of 2-year post-study work visa by UK Government for the international students in December 2019, the Indian students were incentivized to apply for Universities in UK. The outcome of this inclination towards UK became evident as the number of approved UK study visas for Indian students doubled in June 2020 as compared to the visas at the same point during last year. Though the figures are attractive, the COVID-19 crisis may impact the actual number of arrivals.

As the next term is due for September 2020, Universities are preparing themselves for a sharp fall in the number of international students who would actually arrive in UK. This will hit the institutions as foreign students pay hefty fee which will decline sharply if the students back off. All those who applied for the courses that begin in September 2020 and completes after 2021 were entitled to the benefits of the 2-year post-study work visa.

As per the statistics, the UK study visas granted to Indian students more than doubled taking the number to 48,297. This number has been on an increase since the past four years, however, the work visa for Indian professionals took a dip this year. Overall, there has been an increase in the migration levels of UK in the last year till the pandemic came into the picture. The specific factor that drove the immigration level is the increase in the number of international students from China and India.

Though the pandemic that led to this uncertainty has been unfortunate, however, that fact cannot be denied that the interest of Indian students took a significant jump doubling the number of visas within a year. Pertaining to this, it can be inferred that as soon as the pandemic subsides, the international students are definitely trying their luck at the Universities in UK.

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