The US, UK, Canada & Australia are top study destinations for Indian students, according to Immigration Bureau data.

  • According to Bureau of Immigration data, the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK are among the most popular destinations for Indian students pursuing higher studies abroad.
  • Other top destinations for Indian students in the past five years included Germany, the Russian Federation, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and Singapore.
  • The external affairs ministry data shows that around 15 lakh students are currently enrolled abroad.
  • In 2022, roughly 4.65 lakh Indian students were studying in the US, 1.83 lakh in Canada, 1.64 lakh in the UAE and over a lakh in Australia, among other countries.
  • However, there may be changes in the number of Indian students flocking to these destinations. Australia, Canada, and the UK have announced some stringent regulations, including increasing the cost-of-living requirement, tightening the language proficiency tests, increasing the skilled-workers’ salary threshold, etc.

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