With over 950,000 international students and 4,300 universities and higher education institutions, the USA is always on top choice among students to study abroad. The top fields of study have been consistent over time when it comes to international students studying in the USA. They are engineering, Business Management, Math and Computer Sciences, and so on. 

Before we take you into the details of the top courses in USA for international students and why they attract students:   

1. Engineering  

Indian students in the USA favor STEM subjects, including engineering, which also offer the highest-paying jobs in the country. International engineering students come second in numbers, just behind business students. MIT is renowned as the top engineering college globally and consistently tops the rankings. Specialized engineering fields, like civil and mechanical engineering, are known for their high salary potential, making engineering one of the best-paying careers in the USA and worldwide.

2. Business Management

Among international students in the USA, business management stands out as the top preference for Indian students, with more than 20% choosing this field. The reason behind this popularity is that pursuing business management programs in US universities often opens the door to the country’s highest-paying job opportunities. Additionally, prestigious institutions like Harvard, Wharton, and Columbia rank among the top 10 business schools, making them highly appealing choices for those aspiring to enter the world of business. 

3. Math and Computer Sciences

Math and Computer science courses are the top ones to study in the USA to get jobs. Another chunk of the STEM subjects, Math and Computer Science, is known to attract the most international students after business and engineering. STEM constitutes 30% of the total number of international students studying in the USA, making STEM the top courses and highest-paying jobs in the USA. MIT, Harvard, and Stanford University are prominent as the top US universities for both Mathematics and Computer Science. 

4. Social Sciences

Social sciences, including economics, are popular choices for international students in the US. These fields can lead to high-paying jobs and cover subjects like anthropology, journalism, international relations, and more. Students usually opt for social sciences besides engineering and MBA, because the scope for research in this area is huge in the USA. 

5. Physical and Life Sciences 

The top physical and life sciences courses in USA for International students are Biology and Medicine. In fact, being the best courses in the USA, more and more students are moving from traditional fields and joining combined courses in these fields. 

Top Study Abroad USA Universities

If you are looking for some of the best study abroad USA universities, here are some of the top choices:

  • Harvard University

Currently ranked second in the world ranking, Harvard University is the top performer in the USA. Harvard would be a perfect place for postgraduates, in their research, looking to learn about the latest developments. 

Harvard has produced over 45 Nobel Prize laureates and 48 Pulitzer Prize winners, becoming the oldest university in the USA. On average, graduates grab a salary of $92,033 ten years after graduation. 

  • Stanford University

Currently at the 3rd rank in the world with Cambridge University is Stanford University. Stanford is known for its entrepreneurial spirit proven by its alumni, including the founders of Nike, Netflix, Instagram, and PayPal, to name a few. The University has produced 18 Turing Award recipients and 21 Nobel Prize laureates.

The University demonstrates a strong international outlook, receiving a 79.8. This indicates that postgraduates interested in Stanford’s graduate courses will be joining a flourishing and diverse academic community.

  • MIT

Third in the USA and fifth in the world is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Although equally as successful in research as the previous universities, achieving a 93.4, MIT’s strength lies in its industry links, scoring 90.9 for industry income. MIT has five key schools, Architecture and Planning, Engineering, Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, Management and Science. Throughout its history, this technical institute has made the first chemical synthesis of penicillin, discovered quarks, developed the radar, and invented magnetic core memory which aided the development of digital computers.

  • California Institute of Technology

Next up is the California Institute of Technology (CALTECH), currently ranked sixth in the world. CALTECH has produced 39 Nobel Prize winners, focusing on the Sciences, Engineering, and Education. 

The institute has scored 83.6 on international outlook and 89.8 on industry income. Whether you’re looking for industry training and opportunities or the chance to learn about and contribute to the latest research, CALTECH is a great all-rounder. 

  • Princeton University

Last, but not least, is Princeton University. The university is one is currently ranked seventh in the world by THE. The university has produced two US presidents as well as Michelle Obama. Princeton University, With 10 libraries, has around 14 million holdings to be explored by its students. 

Princeton achieves a high score of 80.3 in international outlook. This reflects Princeton as a well-established and respected institution that could be perfect for your postgraduate degree.

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