The UK Govt. continues to surprise international students who wish to study in UK. Recent statistics shows that, UK granted Tier 4 Study Visa for 30,550 Indian students as of September 2019. Last year the figure was around 18,730 and you can see a significant increase of Indian students in US by 63%.

The figures dictate the whole story of positive and progressive change in the UK Study vertical assuring the acceptance and recognition of International students on a larger scale. This means that, in coming years more and more opportunities will come to the Indian students who are aspiring to study in UK.

The improved statistics is the direct result of the positive measures taken by the UK Govt. and one of the major decisions to come out of UK, is the introduction 2-year post-study work visa for talented international students. With the new ‘Graduate’ route, overseas students will be permitted with a valid immigration status to search jobs and work in any occupation for two years after completing their studies from a recognized UK university.

What are the facts surrounding the decisions of UK Govt.?

Below are the crowd-pleasing facts and statistics that may inspire to fulfill your dream to study in UK:

  • Over the last decade, approximately 270,000 Indian students have chosen the UK as their study destination for higher education.
  •  Considering the UK’s popularity among Indians, the nation has granted more than 512,000 tourist visas for Indian nationals during the same period. The figure strikes a 9% increase as compared to the last year.
  •  Furthermore, India remains to be the top nation in getting the maximum number of skilled worker Tier 2 visas granted by the UK. This year the figures 55,136 overpowers the previous year figure of 56,241.
  • Other statistics revealed that there has been an overall decrease in migration from the European Union (EU) into the UK.
  • The average difference between EU nationals entering and leaving by June 2019 was reported as 48,000 which was lowest level since 2003.These reports indicate that EU nationals migrating to UK has fallen severely since 2016 including EU job seekers, however interestingly non-EU net migration has gradually increased drastically for the past six years who once came to study in UK. An estimated figure of 229,000 non-EU national moved to the UK in order to build their successful family life in UK.

For all the International students, these statistics are positive indicators that this is the high time to apply for the study visa for UK. As per the trends, studying in UK can give you 2-year work visa for employment in UK that may lead to Immigration in UK.

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