Each year, a large number of international students enroll in various Australian universities with the primary objective of acquiring education and developing skills for meaningful employment. It’s crucial to note that job opportunities are directly connected to the chosen course of study. 

When planning to study in Australia, the careful selection of one of the best courses to study in Australia holds paramount importance. Be assured that a diverse array of options awaits you, catering to your interests and career aspirations.

Best Courses in Australia for International Students

To help you in taking better decision, here is a list of some popular courses that are in high demand among international students in Australia:

  • Business

Explore a variety of business courses available at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in Australia. Options include a Bachelor of Business or a Bachelor of Commerce, providing a foundational understanding of diverse business domains. Alternatively, you can pursue an MBA degree to specialize in a particular area of interest. You need to have proficiency in English (IELTS or PTE) before enrollment.

  • Hospitality Management/Travel and Tourism

For Hospitality Management and Travel/Tourism, investigate undergraduate and postgraduate programs such as the Bachelor of Hotel Management or the Master of International Hotel Management. These courses prepare you for roles in the hospitality industry, with English proficiency (IELTS or PTE) as a prerequisite for admission.

  • Medical Science & Health Sciences

Delve into undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Medical Science and Health Sciences, with options like the Bachelor of Health Science for a comprehensive overview or the Master of Public Health for advanced skills. English proficiency (IELTS or PTE) and a minimum academic GPA/CGPA are required for enrollment.

  • Engineering & Architecture/Construction and Urban Planning

Engage in undergraduate and postgraduate engineering programs in Australia, with choices like the Bachelor of Engineering (Civil & Construction) for fundamentals or the Master of Professional Engineering for specialized studies. English proficiency (IELTS or PTE) and specific academic requirements are necessary for enrollment.

  • Computing, IT & Networking/Science and Technology

Discover undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Computing, IT & Networking, Science, and Technology. Options include the Bachelor of Networking for practical skills or the Master of Information Systems for a deeper understanding. Enrollment requires a high school education in relevant subjects and English proficiency (IELTS or PTE).

  • Social Work & Education

If you intend to pursue a course in Social Work and Education, like the Bachelor of Social Work or the Master of Educational Leadership, delve into the available undergraduate and postgraduate options. Ensure compliance with English proficiency standards (IELTS or PTE) and meet the minimum academic requirements for enrollment.

  • Research Degrees

Consider Master’s by Research or Doctor of Philosophy degrees in various subjects, specializing in areas like Chemical Engineering or Accounting. These research-focused programs have high GPA requirements and can lead to careers in academia or research.

  • Arts and Crafts, Design & Creative Technology

Australia offers a diverse selection of majors in Arts, Crafts, Design, and Creative Technology, including programs such as the Bachelor of Communication Design and Master of Design. These practical programs equip individuals for careers in media, design, and the arts.

  • Vocational Programs in Australia

For those who do not meet English proficiency requirements, explore Vocational Education and Training (VET) programs in Australia. Diploma and Certificate courses in business, hospitality, or healthcare offer hands-on training and serve as a pathway to higher education.

Note: If you have an interest in enrolling in a Master of Education in Australia, holding a bachelor’s degree is a prerequisite.

How Much Does an Australian Student Visa Cost?

The study visa cost for Australia is AUD 650. However, there are quite a few additional costs as well, such as additional application charges that differ for those below and above 18 years of age. We have tabulated the visa costs of the three major Australian student visa types. You can refer the following table for detailed information.

Student Visa Type
Base Application Charge
Additional Application Charge for Those Above 18 Years
Additional Application Charge for Those Below 18 Years
Subsequent Temporary Application Charge
Student Visa (Subclass 500)
AUD 650 AUD 480 AUD 160 AUD 700
Student Guardian Visa (Subclass 590)
AUD 650 AUD 480 AUD 160 AUD 700
Training Visa (Subclass 407)
AUD 325 AUD 325 AUD 80 AUD 700

The country offers a diverse range of globally recognized best courses to study in Australia for international students. From business to arts, the country’s educational landscape is rich and varied. Understanding the costs, particularly the AUD 650 student visa fee, is crucial for planning your academic journey in this welcoming and academically prestigious destination.

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