The United Kingdom (UK) is a top choice for many students worldwide because of its excellent universities and vibrant student life. However, the high cost of studying there, especially for Indian students, is a major concern. The UK consistently ranks among the top five most expensive study-abroad destinations, which can put a strain on your finances.

The UK tuition fees for international students are a significant factor contributing to this expense. But there is a silver lining – most courses in the UK are relatively short, which can help lower the overall expenses.

Cost of Study in the UK for International Students

The cost of studying at both private and public universities in the UK typically ranges from £4,180 to £29,259 annually for those looking to study abroad in the United Kingdom. Additionally, as an international student, you will encounter various fees and charges while studying in the UK. Therefore, it is essential to carefully plan your expenses. Now, let’s explore the intricacies of the expenses associated with studying in the UK for international students:

  • Cost of Education in UK
  • Living Expenses in UK
  • Additional Essential Expenses in UK


  1. Cost of Education in UK

The tuition fee stands out as the primary expense for international students living in the UK. It can significantly differ based on the university, location, and chosen course. Notably, tuition fees for medical degrees and MBAs tend to be higher compared to humanities and social science degrees. Refer to the table below for an overview of the average UK tuition fees for international students across various degree levels:

Type of Degree Average Tuition Fee in UK (Per Year)
Bachelors £10,000 – £38,000
Masters £11,000 – £30,000
PhD Up to £18,000


Moreover, the fees associated with UK study programs can vary significantly from one university to another. Here’s a brief overview of the average tuition fees at some of the leading universities in the UK:

University Average Annual Tuition Fees
University of Oxford £18,000 – £40,000
University of Cambridge £16,000- £50,000
Imperial College London £16,000- £36,000
University College London £25,000- £34,000
London School of Economics and Political Science £16,000- £30,000


You can pay for your UK university fees through scholarships, financial aid, or student loans. These options make it easier to manage your tuition costs.

  1. Living Expenses in UK

Living expenses are a big part of the total cost of studying in the UK from India or other countries. This includes things like accommodation, food, transportation, and more. On average, it can cost between £1100 to £1300 per month.

Just like university fees, living expenses can vary based on where you live and your lifestyle. For example, living in cities like London or Brighton is more expensive than living in places like Aberdeen or Manchester.

Check out the chart below for an idea of how much you might spend on living expenses in the UK.

Factors Average Cost Per Month
Accommodation £500- £700
Food & Groceries £100 – £200
Transportation £30- £40
Household Bills £40 – £50
Entertainment £40- £50
Miscellaneous £200


  1. Additional Essential Expenses in UK

In addition to tuition fees, students often wonder about the overall cost of studying in the UK. There are various other expenses they need to consider while studying there. Let’s take a closer look at them!

Type of Visa Application Fee
Short-term study student visa  £97 for 6 months ;  £186 for 11 months
Tier 4 student visa (General)  £348
Tier 4 student visa (Child)  £348


Total Cost for Studying in UK

Curious about the total cost of studying in the UK? Well, for Indian students, it can range from roughly INR 24,47,103 to INR 55,01,188. But remember, this is just an estimate and can vary based on different factors. Take a quick look at the total expenses for Indian students studying in the UK:

Factors Average Cost in GBP Average Cost in Rupees
Entrance Exam Fees £137 – £185 INR 13,700 – INR 18,500
University Application fees £20-90 INR 1.998 – INR 8,995
Student Visa Fees £348 INR 34,781
Healthcare (Immigration Health Surcharge) £470 INR 46,900
Flight Tickets (One way) £279 – £318 INR 27,887 to INR 31,794
University Tuition Fees £10,000 – £38,000/ year INR 9,99,467 to INR 37,97,976/ year
Living Expenses £13,200 – £15,600/ year INR 13,19,297 – INR 15,59,169/ year
Other Extra Expenses  £500 INR 49,973
Total Expenses £24,484 – £55,041 INR 24,47,103 – INR 55,01,188


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