While studying abroad is being considered as the best option to obtain a quality education without having to face the challenges of the home country, the decision is not an easy one! It requires careful deliberation on the facts regarding your choice of program, your country, the cost involved and most importantly your future post the completion of your studies. Here, if you are thinking to study in UK or Ireland, you are probably making the right choice.

A prospective student or the parents invest in studying abroad after calculating the long-term career prospects and short-term Return-on-Investment (ROI). Considering these factors, the US used to be the most admired destination, however recent trends are witnessing a shift in the popularity of the country. Looking at the unpredictability of visas and foreign policies, political instability globally, it would be a cautious approach to apply for UK student visa, as the country intends to welcome International Students.

Willing to Welcome

Both the UK and Ireland, exhibit willingness to attract and retain International students, as both the countries offer a two-year Post Study Work (PSW) Visa. As prospective students look for their probability to stay in their place of study, this PSW is an excellent advantage. Further, both are countries are well-known for their quality of education, quality of living and healthcare. The job prospects are fairly stable and well-paid. Also, many Indians are already settled in the countries, thereby, it gives you a ‘feel like home’. You can discuss these aspects with overseas education consultants to have a clearer picture of the countries.

What the trends say

Both countries have noticed significant growth in the number of International Students over the past few years. The statistics have shown a 10 percent jump in the number of international students in the UK, whereas another report has shown that the number of international students studying in Ireland has witnessed an exuberant growth of 45% from 2013 to 2017. As numbers don’t lie, you can rely upon them to judge the popularity of these two countries worldwide.

Since, a major part of your life will be determined by the choices you make in your learning years, therefore, be very thoughtful of your decision to study abroad. Countries like UK and Ireland will never leave you disappointed or make you regret your decision. The rich culture and learning environment will enhance your perspectives and you shall grow as a being. Studying abroad at such places with successful economies and lifestyles gives you a lifetime of experience, and you become mature enough at handling challenges.

If you are still anxious about your decision, we at StudyAbroadExpert are always there to comfort you and resolve all your queries. Whether you want to study in UK or Ireland, take our guidance by connecting with us on our hotline number +91 84485 80840.

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