A father, who was worried about her daughter’s future when he learned that she won’t be allowed to work in United Kingdom on her Tier -4 study visa UK is finally relieved. Thanks to the re-introduction of two-year post-study student work visa by the UK Government last September. This is a major policy change after almost seven years, which signifies the intent to welcome international students by the UK Government.

Another student who was keen to study in UK in the upcoming year is excited to hear the news that the changes in the study visa shall come into effect from the summer of 2021. With this visa, he will get the additional advantage of to staying in UK after the completion of his studies for two years in order to work or to look for suitable job opportunities. This surely can be a game changer for his future.

If you are one such candidate, aspiring to study in the top Universities in UK, then it is high time for you to apply for UK for 2021 session. Start planning for your future studies now, as these policies are dynamic in nature and can be revised from time to time without any prior notice. Now, it is your imperative to become a beneficiary of this policy change at the earliest and get a chance to stay in UK for two years after your degree as compared to four months earlier.

Further, if you have already applied for Tier-4 student visa for an academic programme in 2020, you still stand the chance to benefit from this new rule. All you need to do is submit a fresh application as both the visas are separate from each other. You may seek the help of a study abroad consultant, who is reliable and holds a good market reputation, to guide you thoroughly with the latest changes in student visa UK. The consultant may also suggest you where and how should you apply within UK to get the maximum benefits of the changes infused.

As the UK Government invites the deserving candidates from all over the world to study in UK, and further stay for two years to support UK’s economy, students must take the advantage of this golden opportunity to start their international career. This two-year stay back offered can be the doorway for permanent settlement in UK as one may shift from study visa UK to work permit within UK. So, gear up and start preparing for the unforeseen opportunities that awaits you in UK.

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