Recently, the Australian Govt. decided to lift the limited quota for students’ applications in Queensland, Gold Coast. The announcement was made as a result of intense lobbying by the bulletin and city leaders to the Immigration Minister David Coleman.

This is indeed an amazing news for the students from all around the world who wishes to study abroad in Gold Coast, Queensland. The education sector in the state will boom as the Federal government recategorizes the state as regional, and therefore 25,000 international students will be eligible for an additional year on a temporary, post study work visas with effect from 16th November 2019. This is a strong move from the govt. that will bring enormous results in the education sector paving way for mutual benefit of Gold Coast and international student community aspiring to study, work and live in this city.

Earlier, the Federal Govt. had other plans to include Gold Coast in the Metropolitan Centre along with the Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane due to the heavy population. But, at the outset of Adelaide and Canberra re-classifying into regional areas, the Federal Govt. took a backflip and included Gold Coast among the regional areas. The move by Federal Govt is welcomed by the Study Gold Coast CEO and other officials of the city, citing the economic growth, expansion of education sector and migration surge.

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