A number of students from all over the world migrate to different countries for education with some aspirations or the other. Either they are looking for a brighter future with better opportunities or a number of them desire to become a permanent resident of the country. It is indeed a fact that getting your degree from a particular country can improve your prospects of becoming a permanent resident there.

Here, we shall take upon some popular study destinations that welcome international students and also offer them the opportunity to work and settle there.


A country that has been welcoming for international students has an immigration-friendly work-permit program along with a Post-Graduation Work Permit Program. These permits are perfect for students who want to study and work in Canada. As per these programs, students can obtain a work-permit of up to three years, depending upon their course’s duration. After securing a job, it is easier to apply for permanent residence (PR) after six months. You are also subjected to extra eligibility points for PR is you have studied in Canada for more than a year.


Ranked as one of the best destination to study abroad, Australia is a choice for immigration as well for its quality of life and vibrancy in culture. After the changes were incorporated in its post-study visa policy in 2013, Australia has seen diverse immigration from various parts of the world, especially South Asia. The most common pathway is to obtain post-study work visa after completion of the studies and then applying for General Skilled Migration to achieve Permanent Residency.

New Zealand

A country known for its pristine beauty endowed with lush greenery and pleasant weather has also gained popularity among the students for its quality of education. New Zealand has the best immigration policies for its international students. They can stay in the country for up to four years if they achieve post-study work visa for New Zealand. They also have a student-friendly website whereby they can look up for various programs, Universities, visa options and job opportunities.


Boasting of being largest economy in the entire European Union, Germany is also a welcoming nation for international students to attain education. It also offers them the opportunity to work for up to 90 days a year without a work permit. Additionally, the students can apply for residence permit of 18 months after their final exams to look for a job as per their qualification, provided they have lawfully spent their years as a student in Germany.

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