The popularity of Canada amongst the Indians for studies as well as residency is exemplary. This is better established from the fact that almost one-third of the total study permits and one-fourth of permanent residency statuses granted in 2019 by Canada went to Indians. The tremendous popularity of Canadian education, and a diverse and active Indo-Canadian community in Canada are motivating Indians to obtain a Canada Visa.

A significant 68% rise in Canada study permit was witnessed over the last two years. Over four lakh study permits were approved by Canada’s immigration agency this year. Out of them, 1.39 lakh study visa were granted to the Indian students. Along with this, a majority share of more than eighty-five thousand Indians enjoy the status of a permanent resident Canada. The population of Indians in Canada is so much so that one out of every four foreigners in Canada is an Indian.

The inflow of Indian students in Canada is rising owing to the fact that if they study in Canada, there is a high probability that they will end up having a suitable job and this will also open the doors to Canada immigration for them. Other reasons as to why students are attracted towards Canada is because of its world-renowned Universities and affordable tuition fees.

The restrictive immigration policies of the USA under the Trump Administration is another factor responsible for the diversion of Indian students towards Canada. They find it difficult to obtain H1-B visas later, after completing their education from the US Universities. On the other hand, it is easier to transit to work after completing the graduation in Canada, thereby creating the path for permanent residence.

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