Indian students who dream to study in UK are often challenged by the cost that it involves. It is indeed a fact that overseas education in UK is an expensive affair but looking it from a practical approach reveals that it is worth the investment. There are two reasons behind it, firstly, the duration of the programs in UK is comparatively less than other nations and hence the cost almost equalizes to other study destinations and secondly, the students get exposed to vast avenues of employment opportunities which will easily recover the costs in a few years, if financed through bank or any other sources.

The quality of education of education that you obtain when you study in UK is unique and a mark of excellence. A large number of Indian students apply for its top-notch Universities and they form a sizeable population of international students in UK. For an Indian student, it is an extremely rewarding opportunity to be a part of an institute in the UK. The expenses that may be incurred while studying in UK can be distributed in three major portions. The major and hefty part is the tuition fee which can range from INR 13 lakhs to INR 20 lakhs per year depending upon the nature of the program and the institute altogether. The second significant expenses happen in the accommodation, food and travel, which are the basic necessities for a student. Going by the data, the average expenses range from INR 1 lakh to 1.25 lakh per month. This also varies depending upon your location and the location of the institute. The third factor is the miscellaneous expenditure which may vary greatly depending upon your lifestyle.

There are many students who fund their education through loan because they are determined to study in the top institutes of the UK. No doubt, there are other provisions to arrange the funds in order to study in UK. Also, you can work while studying in UK to manage additional expenses. On a study visa, the students are allowed to work for 20 hours a week during the term and for full time during the break. This is a benefit allowed to the students in almost all the top study destinations for financial support. Also, while working with studies, the students also get the work experience which can be beneficial for them in the long run. Those who also plan for immigrating to the country they are studying in, this part-time job can later turn into full-time employment if the job is suitable and employer has recognized the worth of the student as an employee.

The right selection is also necessary to ensure that you get the most while you spend the minimum. This is even more important when you are going to study in UK, which is one of the expensive study destinations. To make the right choice, you can take help from overseas education consultants who are the experts in this domain and possess fine knowledge of the institutes, the programs and the fee structure. They are able to provide a clear picture to the student of studying in a country on the financial front as well. Also, they can make you understand the futuristic benefits of staying in a country.

Specifically for UK, it has become all the more attractive destination because of the re-introduction of Graduate Route under which the students are allowed to stay in the country for two years after they study in UK. They can look for work or even work during this period. This exceptional benefit is attracting a lot of students to UK, especially for those who are looking at their educational journey from settling in UK point of view as well.

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