Many students who wish to come to Australia to pursue their education temporarily should be able to show they need to have quality when it comes to education. The requirement is also known as the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE).

This condition has not been intended to exclude a student who posts completion of their students in Australia, develops their skills as required by the nation, and then applies for permanent residence in Australia.

You should include a personal statement about the GTE requirement in the application form. This means that this personal statement’s online student visa application form should be given in English, stating the GTE requirement.

This statement should be within 300 words with an application of a character limit of 2,000 words. This statement must clearly describe your situation as to why you chose Australia to undertake your studies.

Not only will this written statement in the application form be required to attach supporting documents to ImmiAccount. The statements that are generic but not assisted by the evidence shall not be seriously considered in the GTE evaluation.

While making a decision, your conditions are considered strongly. While there is an assessment of whether or not you are an authentic temporary entrant depends on your circumstances as a whole.

Ministerial Direction 69 (52KB PDF) lays down a set of factors to consider when deciding whether or not you meet the GTE requirement. This is not a checklist which is why we inspire you to read Ministerial Direction 69 before drafting the statement of the GTE.

You should provide information regarding evidence or information regarding your previous study comprising of academic transcripts that state the qualifications you have attained, name of the education source, duration of studies, as well as certificates of achievement.

Also, you can mention any reasons for the gap in previous studies where you could not maintain your enrolment. It will help if you mention your existing employer, company address, duration of employment, details of your designation, and your name and contact information that can confirm your job situation.

Remember to mention your connection with your home nation or country of residence, which can be financial, family, or social. Also, you need to show the necessary funds that are sufficient for you to be able to return to your home.

Situations in your home nation about why you are not studying there, economic circumstances, military service commitments, and political and civil discontent in your homeland. Also, consider the potential situation in Australia, which means ties to the nation, degree of know-how about the proposed course and education provider, prior study and qualifications, planned living arrangements, and financial situation.

Also taken into reflection is the value the course adds to your future life and is constant and following the current level of education. This salary is expected, and other perks in your homeland or a third nation are procured with your instructions from the planned course of education.

Lastly, the history of your immigration that speaks about any prior visa applications to Australia or any other nations or even visa refusals or cancellations is acknowledged. In the case of a minor, the intentions of your parent, legal guardian or spouse shall be considered. Want to know more about this topic? We help you find the answers. You need to reach us at 8595338595 or mail us at

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