The MBA (Masters in Business Administration) programs are one of the most demanded courses worldwide. The primary reason behind this extensive popularity is better career opportunities which would fetch well-paid high level managerial jobs and promising growth prospects. The top rated MBA programs would impart practical skills that are necessary for the growth and development of an organization or a business per se.

An MBA degree from a right place, would guide you in your journey from a Manager to a Business Leader. Though, many countries provide MBA courses, but there are some countries which are well-known for their MBA programs for certain reasons listed below:

Australian MBA enjoys the international recognition to an extent that if you have successfully completed your MBA in Australia, then you are capable enough to get decent employment anywhere in the world. Further,

  • Top Australian Universities provides multiple varieties of MBA programs, catering to the needs of every MBA aspirant
  • Australia is affordable when compared to other countries like US or UK
  • The curriculum and orientation of MBA programs in prestigious Universities is that of ‘Harvard style’, offering around 16 various Business related subjects

Canada is one of the most desirable study destinations for International students, especially Indians. The obvious reasons to pursue MBA in Canada are-

  • The finest Institutions in the world offering world class education. The most preferred Institutions for MBA programs are Rotman School of Management, Sauder School of Business and Sulich School of Business
  • Affordability of pursuing MBA as compared to other countries
  • The prosperous economy of Canada provides the additional advantage of getting employment opportunities after the completion of the course

Students from all over the world come to pursue MBA in UK for-

  • It is home to the world best Institutions for MBA namely University of Oxford, London Business School and University of Cambridge
  • All MBA programs in UK offers numerous internship programs to its students, thereby making them industry ready by providing practical exposure
  • UK is a leading nation in banking sector and top MBA graduates from all over the world are being recruited by top banks in United Kingdom

There has been a significant growth in the number of students who are opting to pursue MBA in Germany for the below mentioned reasons –

  • It is the highest national economy in the entire Europe and ranks among the top 10 countries to offer highest paid jobs to MBA graduates
  • A large number of Indian students are being enrolled in German Universities and they have started to offer courses in English language

The MBA in Singapore is gradually gaining the spotlight because-

  • Singapore has a growing economy and infrastructure, offering excellent employment opportunities for prospective students
  • Flexibility of earning along with studies to gain exposure as well as compensating for the expenses

With so many options to choose from, your best bet would be to take guidance from study abroad consultants, who would provide best options for you as per your requirements. For any queries regarding your MBA plans from a foreign country, get in touch with the best counselors at StudyAbroadExpert by giving us a call on +91 8595 338595.

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