The students’ recruitment process for overseas education has taken a different face this year as most of the students have depended upon the education agents to guide them through their overseas education. Students seek the recommendations and assistance of the education agents to help with the updates on deadlines, fees and process, and other crucial factors that are important while deciding between studying abroad.

In the absence of face-to-face student fairs and the restrictions on traveling abroad due to the pandemic, these agents have emerged as the most reliable source to carry forward the plan of overseas education. They have significantly influenced the students’ decisions regarding their programs and institutes. In a way, they have carved the future course of action for many students planning to study abroad.

As per the QS’s International student survey, there has been an unexpected rise in the number of students working with the agent. Earlier, the proportion used to be around 14% of the total international students, however in 2020, the figures have jumped to roughly half of the total population of international students working with agents to apply for Universities abroad.

This dramatic change in the landscape of international recruitment of students can be why more and more Universities work along with the agents, especially those who have refrained from collaborating with them to date. The agents are found to be helping the students’ study overseas, and they can also facilitate the mobility of the students globally, benefitting the countries and the students.

Though the students have demonstrated considerable faith and reliance upon the agents recently, it is also crucial for the universities to communicate with them directly.

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