Since the pandemic started to disrupt the ongoing activities in Canada, the Government has been looking after the well-being of every possible community and international students are no exception. Several temporary provisions have been made by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister Mr. Marco E.L. Mendicino during this crucial time to support the foreign students to uphold their faith in Canada and their respective institutes. The policy changes have been done to support the learning institutions as well.

As a matter of fact, the contribution of international students culturally and socially is of great significance to Canada. On the economic front too, international students generate more than $21 billion for Canada’s economic prosperity. With the fall semester coming up, the Minister has announced changes that would facilitate the education of international students, if they are taking up their courses online.

The changes are made to offer clarity and certainty to the international students regarding their prospects of entering Canada after the travel and health restrictions are eased and their ability to work in Canada if they are taking up their lessons online. The temporary changes that have been announced by the Minister are –

  • The students who have submitted their complete application online will be provided priority study-permit processing so that their permits are processed quickly and timely.
  • The time that will be spent in the studies online abroad will be counted for the eligibility of the post-graduation work permit, provided that the students have submitted an application for study permit and at least 50% of the program is completed in Canada. Please note that this time will be counted only after they receive an approval-in-principle and the student is satisfying all the requirements and is able to get a study permit later.
  • If the students have not been able to submit the complete documentations which are essential in the processing of their applications and are taking up online courses, then a temporary 2-stage approval process has been implemented temporarily for them.

These measures will definitely win the confidence of the students and Canada will continue to be the most preferred destination to study among the international students. The efforts that the Canadian Government has made in this direction since the onset of the pandemic clearly demonstrates that the contribution that foreign students make towards Canada is of immense importance to the country.

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