As the outbreak of Coronavirus has paralyzed the normal functioning of the activities globally, the movement of people across the borders, including the international students has been impacted severely. To mitigate the pandemic, every country has responded differently by putting up travel bans, changing the immigration policies and visa working.

In this context, USA is indicating the suspension of post-graduate OPT (Optional Practical Training) in United States. The US President has already issued a Presidential Proclamation to suspend the entry of most new immigrants outside the U.S. for at least 60 days and ordered a 30 days review to suggest on the restrictions on temporary visa holders. All these steps comes in purview of the restrictive policies of US to focus on indigenous employment and boosting the domestic employment rate.

Though, this may be a cause of disappointment to the students seeking to study in USA, however this becomes all the more reason to choose Canada for abroad studies. Apart from being the third most favorite destination of the international students, it is in close proximity to the USA geographically and is a delightful study destination for a variety of reasons listed below –

  • Top Quality of Education
  • A host to numerous world renowned Universities offering a wide range of courses catering to multiple fields
  • Excellent culture with friendly and welcoming society and overall a safe country for foreign nationals
  • Affordable as compared to USA, which means high quality of education at cheaper rates
  • Language barrier is not an issue as English is prevalent as the medium of instruction and as the native language
  • It is the gateway to permanent residence through the post-graduation work permit
  • Canada is a healthy and prosperous economy offering employment opportunities to students right after they graduate from Canada

Among all the benefits listed above, the primary attraction is the post-graduation work permit for students. The students are eligible for one permit in their lifetime, however there is no restriction of provinces on this permit. The student can choose to work anywhere in Canada. This permit can be valid from eight months till three years, depending on the length of duration of course studied in Canada.

Therefore, it can be concluded that in a time when all the countries are being hit by the pandemic, Canada is the most suitable choice as a study destination and for future prospects as well. Undoubtedly, Canada too will be hit when it comes to jobs and education sector, but there is a better chance that after the situation is restored, Canada will be more considerate and opportune for the students as compared to the United States.

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