As per a new study keeping track of overseas students’ attitudes and behavior through the global pandemic crisis, many are now open to begin their studies at an online level if they can gradually transition to face-to-face learning.

There has been a sudden spike in demand for in-person learning. Thus, more than half of the overseas students with Canada student visa expressed their opinion that they were ready to consider switching destinations if they were presented with an opportunity to begin face-to-face learning at the earliest possible time.

This move is smart and timely, as due to the COVID-19, the overseas study plans of thousands of students remain stranded. The enrolled ones are undergoing a very different way of learning, far from what they could have possibly imagined.

Amongst these destinations, Canada clinches the top spot showcasing the highest level in terms of brand loyalty, with 53% of the international students who are currently enrolled in Canadian universities not interested in switching over to any other destination. Almost 18% (which is the highest) have picked Canada as their choice, followed by the UK at 10%.

IDP Connect conducted this study, this being third in tracking series of International Student Crossroads that would demonstrate students’ in-depth intentions regarding their study plans and their view about the five top study destinations during the pandemic time.

One observation that was made after the study was that many international students were interested in resuming their in-person classes. They were even ready to switch to destinations to get access to the mode of face-to-face instruction.  On polling, almost 56% favored changing destinations, while 32% were “highly likely” for it.

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