The city Bengaluru came in second only behind Hyderabad among the metropolitan cities of India for students moving to overseas to study. The overseas education consultants have a played a massive role in helping the students to navigate through the stringent admission process. And, it is advisable to hire a trusted study abroad consultants who has a successful track record of approved overseas education applications along with the official associations / memberships with the foreign Universities.

Facts and figures of Bengaluru’s aspirations for foreign education:
  • Students of Bengaluru are ahead of many metropolitan cities and the average age of those students is reaching up to 23.7 years as per the recent statistics.
  • Another data shown that, out of 3 lakh students who receive admissions from various foreign universities every year, Bengaluru on an average sends 20,000-30,000 students.
  • Recent study shows that, US is the most preferred destination for Bengaluru students. Closing in second and third – Study in Canada and Study in Germany respectively.
  • Computer science, data science, electrical and mechanical & management information systems are some of the most popular streams.
  • The average age of the students moving overseas for education are 23 years 7 months which means that Bengalureans gain initial experience then opt for post-graduation in foreign land.
  • Bengalureans outperforms other cities in terms of screening tests and overall score.
  • The city also witnessed a hike in under-graduate programme students from Bengaluru moving to abroad universities.
Objective of foreign education:

Many scholars and pundits observe that foreign education and gaining foreign experience are seen as the first step towards the Permanent Residency in a foreign nation. Many countries allow the professionals with international experience and education to apply for Permanent Residency swiftly. Due to the decline in off-site opportunities, many professionals are taking route of foreign education to settle in abroad with adequate experience. This is the right time folks, where foreign education is no longer considered as the luxury but a unique opportunity to secure your future.

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